Creating Happy, Confident and Creative Childhoods

My favourite phrase to past coaching clients has always been one taken from the book Matrix Reimpriniting by the fabulous Karl Dawson and it is… ‘It’s never to late for a happy childhood’. I spent several years reciting this quote to adults whom I had taken back to a point of trauma in their childhood and facilitated the release of that trauma.
Years of research has shown that below the age of 7 we are in imprint stage.  Things that go into our unconscious minds during this period go in deep, become core beliefs and often stay for the rest of our lives unless they are removed with therapy or some other treatment.  It became my mission to put myself out of business.. It seemed pretty simple to me. Why not imprint the core beliefs we want our children to have, the ones that will lead them to happiness, confidence and creativity!
Fast forward to the creation of Karisma Kidz, a way that children can learn everything that’s great about them from the earliest possible opportunity as they play their way to happiness confidence and creativity; while parents are supported to understand and integrate the experiences of their own childhoods into a style of parenting that promotes healthy communication, meaningful attachment and trusting relationships.
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