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What a Week!!!

It’s been quite a week at Karisma Kidz HQ this week as we prepared to launch the new site and app… Go live coincided with half term, so those of you who are parents reading, will understand me when I say it’s been a long week! It can sometimes be a struggle to juggle the […]

World Cancer Day and why I respect the Andre family

I don’t watch reality TV as a norm. Anxiety attacks a la “I’m a Celebrity”? My children face and conquer those every day going about their routines, meltdowns similar to “Celebrity Big Brother”? I care for and live with autism so, again, it’s all too familiar. Albeit for different reasons. What I have been watching […]

Raising Autism Awareness with a Question and Answer Session

I was recently asked to submit some answers to questions posed by a magazine, the questions really made me think and I’ve decided to replicate my answers below. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished article and hope it helps with both raising autism awareness and acceptance. Here goes: 1/ About your daughter (name, age), […]

7 Top Tips to Help Your Child Bloom

Karisma Kidz…  7 Ways to help your child to bloom rather than wilt… As parents it’s a key concern to do everything we can to raise a happy, confident and creative child, but it can be difficult to see the difference between what actually works long term and what will eventually become a quick fix […]

I'm Mcited

Last week I was asked to speak at the Mcited conference for youth.  It was an honour and a privilege to meet some of the outstanding young people that attended. Many of whom had managed to transcend some of the most difficult circumstances to carve out successful careers for themselves and become shining beacons of their communities from […]

Karisma Kidz to Present at the Digital Mind Conference

It’s been an exciting week at Karisma Kidz HQ! We’ve been busily preparing for the amazing opportunity to present to the who’s who of the publishing industry at the upcoming Digital Minds Conference being held in London this weekend! Earlier this week I was invited to share the vision and journey that culminated in the […]