What a Week!!!

It’s been quite a week at Karisma Kidz HQ this week as we prepared to launch the new site and app…
Go live coincided with half term, so those of you who are parents reading, will understand me when I say it’s been a long week!
It can sometimes be a struggle to juggle the demands of being a parent with a full time job (or worse a startup) and the frustration and guilt that comes with not being able to be in two places at once sometimes.
I’m hoping I struck enough of a balance this week as the children had a fair few fun days out and I was able to attend all meetings and as you can see the site is live too..
The sheer weight of tasks on the to do list this week made me think about how important it is to have a great team around you.  Working with the right people, with the right attitudes makes the difference between success and failure.  I work (and live) with an awesome bunch of individuals and   the support I’ve had this week inspired me to create a Wall of Thanks… Just like our children do in Moodville, I now have a place on the site where I can record and thank the people that show their unwavering support for Karisma Kidz and ensure that we are able to thrive.
This week special thanks goes out to my children, Helen (aka The Saviour), Chrissy, KPPR, Sally-Ann, Ruth, Sam at First Data (we love you), Diana, David, Terry and Clive!

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  • It was something of a roller coaster but we got there in the end.. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on this site. I think it may be my favourite of all the sites I’ve built.


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