Let’s meet up at the iconic BBC! October 24 & 26

I’ve been on a long journey with Karisma Kidz all in hopes of helping you and your children excel with emotional learning and really ace the trials and tribulations of social situations and the everyday learning environment. I hope I’ve been of help so far!
Now it is time for me to ask your help. I invite you to come along and join me in a fun-filled family event that we are hosting at the world famous BBC headquarters in White City in London. Yes! That’s right! The home to Blue Peter, and dozens of other classic children’s television programmes. I’ll never forget watching BBC programmes during my childhood and now, I’m pleased to invite you to join me to spend an afternoon at this iconic cultural venue.
We’ll be hosting a pizza party, along with the characters of Karisma Kidz, and also be raffling off a prize of a Kurio. During the event, we’ll ask your help to take part in research to be conducted by the University of Salford, that will help us evaluate our new Karisma Kidz app. You’ll be among the very first to get to download the app, and to explore the wondrous world we have created to help your child become better equipped in any social and learning situation.
We are due to soon release our new app to app stores, where the world will then be able to experience the excitement and benefit of Karisma Kidz. We’ve also planned the event during half-term time, as we know thousands of parents will be looking for fun things to do with their children during this school break. Why not include us in your half term week’s activities?
So what do you think? Can you join me – on either Saturday, 24th October or Monday, 26th October? We’ve got room for 40 children on the Saturday and room for 25 on the Monday. We welcome all existing and new app users.
Please book your place here:
I look forward to meeting you at the BBC!
Erika X

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