Moodville’s the virtual place our superheroes can be found.
In the Karisma Kidz’ Den, creating art and recipes and sound.
Growing their Bloomabears with good deeds and good vibes.
Because superhero behaviour makes their Bloomabears thrive.
But beware the Grumpire, Jay-Louse and Count Me’owt,
Who make the Bloomabears wilt – with yukky feelings and doubt.
Luckily the Karisma Kidz’ have music, cool moves and fun galore.
To make their Bloomabears strong and help them bloom once more.

So your little superhero can access the fantasy world of Moodville and start learning as they play, download the app on the Apple App Store or find it pre-loaded on the Kurio tablet.
The Karisma Kidz live in their superhero den in the centre of Positivity Park, being creative and spreading the good vibes, which make their friends the Bloomabears blossom and flourish.
But the Grumpire – a vampish-bull who never stops criticising, the lethargic spoil-sport Count Me’Owt and creepy crawly Jay-Louse who’s literally green with envy – keep spreading bad vibes! And it’s amazing how contagious bad vibes can be! So the Karisma Kidz must to use their superhero powers to turn bad vibes into the good vibes that keep their Bloomabears blooming.
Karisma Kidz know what to do when they feel ‘yucky’. They play mood-boosting music and listen to relaxing stories to make them feel calm and happy. Or they do fun breathing exercises to get into ‘the zone’. They love eating healthily and being sporty too, so their games include healthy recipes to cook and cool Exercise moves. You can listen to our super cool moves song here. Be sure to dance along!
By playing in Moodville your Karisma Kidz Superhero learns essential skills that help turn negative feelings into positive thoughts and actions for a healthy, happy life.

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