kidz-and-parentsThe Parents Dashboard area in our app (coming soon) offers a wide range of information, top tips and courses.

Registering your interest
in the Parents Dashboard is completely free and gives you instant access to a free download of Erika Brodnock’s practical e-book, A Parent’s Guide to Empowering Your Child with Confidence, Positive Thoughts and Self-esteem, as well as entry to our family forums.
Once we go live, we’ll invite you to try our parental resilience profiler to look at how stressed or resourceful you feel over the course of a year and get feedback on how you’re doing on a monthly basis. Our award- winning emotional intelligence technology can help you if you want to improve your moods, too.
Teaching parents how to get themselves ‘into the zone’ when interacting with their children helps create the happy, positive and nurturing homes we all aspire to.

Parents’ Dashboard (Coming Soon!)

When your child signs up free to become a Karisma Kid, we ask that you are involved as they begin to play in Moodville. Your child’s safety while online is vitally important to us and we have a strict privacy policy.
Setting up a free parental dashboard so you can see which Moodville activities your child is engaged in means you’ll always know how they are feeling. Creating a dashboard will also give you some free Karisma Charms to set real world tasks and reward your child for their super behaviour in the real world.

That’s emotional intelligence!